Esther - BnB Staff

Esther is our youngest of the bunch but has a old soul. Working with dogs is a dream of hers. She’s dedicated and when she has her mind set on something, she accomplishes anything! On her off time, she loves to skate board and spend time with people she cares about.

Alison (Ali) - BnB Staff

Ali is someone who loves dogs and cats! She claims to be a professional ice cream eater. We might have to challenge her on that. Her dream is to finish school and become a special education teacher. How amazing is that. We are grateful to have you!


We welcome Sarah P with open arms! Someone with a kind soul and her soft spoken voice, not only does she love dogs, she loves photography! Her hobbies outside of the BnB is playing tennis and skiing! Maybe she can teach us!

Gober - BnB Staff

Gober is a jack of all trades. From construction to rapping, his passion for dogs is incredible. Always eager to learn and grow with anything presented to him. We’re happy to have you apart of our team.

Sandra - BnB Staff

Sandra is actually the owners mother! She has been there from the beginning. Dedicated and helping grow the business we all have learned to love. She has been around animals her entire life, from being raised in Brasil with monkeys and chickens, to her three kids always finding strays growing up. She’s the mom of the pack and you can catch her cuddling with the pups!