Deborah - Owner

Deborah is the owner of SoBe Happy Dog BnB. The name was inspired by her own dogs. Sobe was her best bud for almost 14 years and had traveled all over the United States with her. (She even has him tattoo’d on her). Happy is a 6 year old rescue and is a certified emotional support animal with a smile sure to cheer anyone up! She is always available to her clients and is forever grateful for the loyalty each have provided to the BnB.

Laura - BnB Supervisor

Laura is one of the supervisors and her hard work and dedication to each pup is obvious. Before coming to the BnB, she was a nanny for kids. She passed a course to become a certified veterinary assistant! When she is not working, Laura loves to spend time with her dog Jillian, her cat Bean and her handsome little nephews.

Natalie - BnB Staff

Natalie who has worked at multiple dog daycare and boarding facilities for the past several years and graced us with her ability to help SoBe Happy Dog BnB grow. Not only does she love all animals, (maybe not spiders), she is a professional tattoo artist! On top of that beautiful, creative hobby, she spends her off time hiking and camping. Sounds like she’s very outdoorsy! Thank you for being apart of our team!

Sara - BnB Staff

Sara has been with us for quite some time. Besides spending time with her new puppy, Ravioli, this busy girl is studying to be a veterinarian! How amazing is that? We are honored to have her with us.

Esther - BnB Staff

Esther is our youngest of the bunch but has a old soul. Working with dogs is a dream of hers. She’s dedicated and when she has her mind set on something, she accomplishes anything! On her off time, she loves to skate board and spend time with people she cares about.

Sandra - BnB Staff

Sandra is actually the owners mother! She has been there from the beginning. Dedicated and helping grow the business we all have learned to love. She has been around animals her entire life, from being raised in Brasil with monkeys and chickens, to her three kids always finding strays growing up. She’s the mom of the pack and you can catch her cuddling with the pups!