Daniel - The Owner

Daniel is the new owner of SoBe Happy. This Texan boy is the biggest kid of them all.  When he’s not loving on your pups, you can find him at the beach or talking about the beach. He brings his passion for laughter, life, and doing everything he can to make you smile.

David Alan -

David Alan is, YES you guessed it, The Owner Daniel’s older little Brother. This Guy is the definition of a Dog lover. He loves the beach, pool, and the sun. When there is music playing, You will always catch him singing and dancing. Stop by anytime when he is working and be prepared to be dazzled.

Esther -

Esther is our youngest of the bunch but has a old soul. Working with dogs is a dream of hers. She’s dedicated and when she has her mind set on something, she accomplishes anything! On her off time, she loves to skate board and spend time with people she cares about.

Melissa -

Melissa is the rocker of the bunch. She loves going to concerts and shows, party on Wayne!! When she’s not rocking out, she absolutely loves to go on long walks with her and your doggos. And on her free time, she enjoys doing make up. OHLALA!!!!

Sandra - BnB Staff

Sandra is actually the owners mother! She has been there from the beginning. Dedicated and helping grow the business we all have learned to love. She has been around animals her entire life, from being raised in Brasil with monkeys and chickens, to her three kids always finding strays growing up. She’s the mom of the pack and you can catch her cuddling with the pups!